Keeping Chickens

Raising chickens for eggs…

Want to Have a Couple of Chickens?

Here is Your Starting Point!

I love pet chickens.

Hens, that is.

Roosters are too noisy, but hens just quietly cluck and peck the ground, and nobody even knows they are there.

They eat flies and other insects for you, keeping to a minimum the annoying flying things in your yard.

They also eat your vegetable scraps, lowering your volume of garbage. And, eventually, they give you eggs. Lots of them.

Have you ever wished you had been raised on a farm and had to scatter a handful of corn to the chickens every day? Now you can. With a simple coop, and a flock of 3 (they do best in groups of at least 3), you can have fresh eggs even if you live in a basic subdivision with neighbors, curbs, and paved streets.

Backyard chickens are on the rise in this troubled economy, and keeping a small coop fits with being green–you know where some of your food (at least your eggs) come from. Try it!

Silkie Chickens are one of the best chicken breeds for pets

Silkie Chickens Make the Best Pets

Silkie Chickens are Fascinating Looking Creatures Silkie chickens are one of the more interesting chicken breeds to look at. They have a ‘fluffy’ look to them with long feathers that come in several different colors. These chickens are typically darker shades of gray or black but also come in shades of white and yellow as …

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The Barred Rock Chicken is popular amongst chicken breeds

The Nitty Gritty on Barred Rock Chickens

Another popular choice amongst chicken breeds are barred rock chickens. This breed has many excellent features and qualities and (fortunately) very few negative ones. This bird is known to be quite hardy and able to deal with cold reasonably well. It is also known to be a substantial bird which can also help with colder …

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Questions about chicken food

What Do Chickens Eat? Secrets to Superior Chicken Feed

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Chicken Tractor

The 7 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Chicken Tractor

A chicken tractor is an incredible way to allow your chickens a lifestyle similar to free-range, but still keep them safe and protected. As an additional benefit, these clever contraptions let your chickens keep your entire yard fertilized, foraged and bug-free without requiring you to build fences around all plants and cultivated garden spaces in your …

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